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Drymer Business

An innovative and futuristic concept with two tilting frontwheels. The tilting mechanism give a unique experience, when both of the wheel tilt when you will make a turn.

The aerodynamic hood, in a trendy design takes care that the Drymer will stay dry. The hood will be standard equipped in a metallic grey and black design. Is is also possible to order the hood in any wanted color combination. The Drymer Business comes standard with a pedelec motor from 250 Watt.

The Drymer Business has a luggage compartment which is lockable. Next to that there are several options like leather cloating, Ipad mount, navigation, USB charger for mobile divices, etc.

Do you want to experience the Drymer Business? That is possible! Take contact with us to make a appointment for a testdrive.

The Drymer Business is available from € 9.000,-

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