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Sinner Comfort

With development of the first Comfort in 1990, Sinner was already experimenting with electric motors. From pioneering begin, Sinner has become a specialist in electric motor pedal assist integration. The Comfort is especially suited to the fitment of electric motors.  The Comfort is a touring recumbent built for comfort and accessibility rather than speed, however it is by no mean a slow bike.  For those who have difficulty with unassisted cycling our pedal assist systems offer the capacity to cover larger distances and keep cycling for longer. The electric motor assists while the rider pedals and the assist power can be regulated by the rider on the fly.The speed is fixed to the legally specified maximum of 25 KPH approximately 15 MPH.


Fitted as standard with the Sunstar electromotor on the front sprocket , with the ZGAN Pedal Assist Sensor system. This in combination with a 9 Ah or 16 Ah battery. The battery fitted under the rear rack, is easy removal and is locked in place with the key that also fits the ignition barrel (key activated power switch). On the display are 3 positions: Eco, Normal and Turbo.  The motor is strong and can be used in hilly aera. An extra battery is also possible.  Feel free to ask our advice over which options best fit your personal requirements, in combination with our pedal assistance system.