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Drymer Glider

The Glider is a low-rider trike, a recumbent with a new design. De Glider appears as an sportive bike, specially in combination with the 20″ Drymer rims. 

Due to the low position the Drymer Glider has a awesome roadability, which makes it a very fun to drive bike. In combination with the ergonomic seat and different possibilities for the gearing the Drymer Glider is also very functional to use for longer distances. 

E-assist is also possible on the Drymer Glider, we are using a 250 Watt Bafant crankmotor for. Compared with different other trikes, the Glider is a very compact modell, which is easy to steer and to manoeuvre.  

The Drymer Glider is avaiable from € 2.695,- incl. 21% VAT



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