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Drymer Leisure

An innovative and futuristic concept with two tilting frontwheels. The tilting mechanism give a unique experience, when both of the wheel tilt when you will make a turn.

The Drymer Leisure comes standard with lots a exclusive options. This model is completely configurable likes the colors, leather clothing etc.  Next to that there are several options like a portable device charger, navigation en different types of lights. The Drymer Leisure comes standard with a pedal assisted motor from 250 Watt.

Do you want to experience the Drymer Leisure? That is possible! Take contact with us to make a appointment for a testdrive.

The Drymer Leisure is available from € 6.607,-


Drive Hybrid propulsion system:  Pedal Assist (electric bicycle with pedal assist up to 25 km/h)
Action radius: Approximately 50 km; depending on the degree of electrical support and the maximum speed at this support.
Frame: High-quality aluminum frame one color gray . Finished with black hoods.  
Front train: High quality aluminum tilting system; equipped with tilting blocking system. Hydraulic disk brakes with blocking system. Parking position if both are set.
Gears: Gear mechanism with 7 gears; integrated in the hinge point between main-frame and swing-arm.
Battery:  Lithium-LifePo4: 48 volt; 12,8Ah. 2nd battery is optional.
Tires:  Big Apple balloon tires with Kevlar&Guard puncture protection; 20 x 2,35 inch.
Engine: High torque 250 Watts brushless hub-motor integrated in the rear wheel.
Steering bar:  Adjustable (high and low).
Suspension:  Swing-arm suspension and front wheels suspension in tilting mechanism.
Wheels:  High quality aluminum Drymer-wheels.

Dashboard:  Speedometer and battery status.

Brakes: Front wheels with hydraulic disk brakes with locking position. Mechanical disk brake on the rear wheel.

Seat: The seat is multi adjustable. (angle and length)

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