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Drymer-Sinner Hilgo

The newest model Drymer-Sinner Hilgo characterizes itself by the sharp lines, designed bearing the latest developments in Aerodynamic knowledge in mind. The Hilgo has open wheel boxes, and a single-sided suspension on all wheels. This will not only make a tire-change easier, but will also decrease the turning circle.

The unique gearing system developed by Drymer and Sinner defines the new Hilgo.

  • Super light shifting
  • Super-fast shifting
  • Intuitive handling
  • Wide gear range
  • Drop-in mid-drive axle
  • Optimal chain tension in every gear
  • Robust

Length: 244CM
Width: 72CM
Height: 88CM
Weight: 30KG
Turning circle: 8,2M with 44-406, 6,8M with 28-406
Price: € 7.750,00 including 21% VAT


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